We will explore the Solar System in this class. Lecture material will provide both overviews of the bodies in the planetary bodies and more detailed examination of fundamental geologic processes like volcanism, tectonism, and impact cratering.

The focus of this course is on the field of Materials, an interdisciplinary field applying the properties of matter to various areas of science and engineering.

From the intricacies of electricity and circuits to the marvels of programmable microcontrollers, students will delve into the heart of electronic devices that power our modern world.

We are all continually surrounded by chemicals, from drugs to fuel to food additives. Ensuring these materials are free of dangerous contaminants is essential for human health and development. This course will introduce students to the most important techniques for purifying chemicals.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Students will investigate how engineers apply Newton's third law of motion to studying the causes of traumatic brain injuries and designing solutions to prevent them.

This course offers an overview of key biomedical concepts and human body measurements. This 1-week course is designed to pique the interest of high school students exploring diverse career paths from medicine to engineering and beyond.

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