This course will explore the science of well-being and what influences happiness. Specifically, science has found that happiness is strongly tied to our social connections and feelings of meaning, and that happiness can be influenced by intentional behaviors.

Medical professionals play one of the most critical roles in our society, improving the lives and well-being of those in need - but how do they get to a diagnosis?

Neuroscientists study everything from the electrical activity of individual brain cells to the behavior of animals and people. In the course, students will learn how to measure human brain waves, interpret data through statistical analysis, and read, write and think like a scientist.

This course will introduce students to basic biomedical concepts and measurements, as well as lay a foundation for understanding and using technical terminology employed by pre-clinical students and medical professionals.

This course is designed to introduce you to human metabolism from a biochemical perspective.

As a leader in public health for over a century, Tulane University recognizes the importance of community outreach and action. Students will examine the factors leading to outbreaks of disease and the impact that infectious diseases have on our society.

This course covers topics from the nervous system and the brain, to learning and memory, to disorders and treatment, to social psychology.

Have you ever wondered how neuroscientists learn more about the brain? In this course, students will be exposed to laboratory techniques that are fundamental to the study of neuroscience.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Students will investigate how engineers apply Newton's third law of motion to studying the causes of traumatic brain injuries and designing solutions to prevent them.

This course offers an overview of key biomedical concepts and human body measurements. This 1-week course is designed to pique the interest of high school students exploring diverse career paths from medicine to engineering and beyond.

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