Computational tools are a critical part of our everyday lives. Software is the driving force behind cutting edge scientific discovery, blockbuster entertainment, and today’s fast‐paced marketplace ‐ and will continue to become even more important.

In this course, students work with experienced faculty learning techniques for music and audio production using Digital Audio Workstation software like Ableton, Logic, and Reaper.

From the intricacies of electricity and circuits to the marvels of programmable microcontrollers, students will delve into the heart of electronic devices that power our modern world.

The internet is all around us and coding for it has never been easier and more accessible thanks to open source and free software.

This course introduces an array of tools, techniques and motivations associated with Contemporary Computer Music Composition and Programming. Students will gain familiarity with the Digital Music Studio and Audio Workstation environments as they prepare frequent short composition assignments.

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