Student Life

Tulane Pre-College creates opportunities for exceptional and curious students to explore college life in a safe and nurturing environment

Through introductions to college-level academic disciplines and the Tulane experience, high school students begin to imagine how they can pursue their academic interests in and out of the classroom and tackle real-world problems, all while taking their college applications to the next level.

Experience Tulane Pre-College

Our classes and instructors nurture curiosity, incubate ideas, and encourage young individuals to consider how they can make an impact on the human condition and the world. Tulane Pre-College provides students with an immersive, hands-on experience, access to college life and future career exploration, and a community of motivated and ambitious learners from around the globe.

Online courses give you the flexibility to learn using a hybrid model of coursework that is both synchronous (class time spent online with other students and instructors) and asynchronous (self-paced assignments done individually).

There is always an activity to join or time to spend time with your friends from the programs. We offer both academic and social activities as well as plenty of down time to read, study, or get to know other Pre-College students.

"Do we have homework?" "What do I do when I'm not in class?" See answers to Frequently Asked Questions about our programs, the application, and how to prepare for your Tulane Pre-College experience.