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Please continue to check your email, the Tulane Pre-College COVID-19 FAQ, and the Tulane Return to Campus page for updates.

Student Success


"In order to reach my goals, I feel that I need to further my understanding of engineering. This year at Tulane University, I hope to utilize this unique opportunity to further my knowledge of engineering while being surrounded by other students that have the same passion as me."

"This camp will give me the experience to see that this is the college I want to go to or if I want to go to another college. This experience will also give me the time to think over if I have a knack for coding."

"I am consistently concerned about issues involving our environment. Some that concern me the most are climate change, pollution, overpopulation, and waste disposal."



"When I heard about this program, I was immediately interested. Not only does it give me the opportunity to excel in women's leadership, it gives me the opportunity to experience college life."

"In today's day and age, it is very hard to find a dominant female figure, much less be one."

"The fact that the program is through Tulane is also admittedly part of the reason why this opportunity appeals to me. I visited New Orleans several years ago and loved the energy of the city and began to seriously consider Tulane as a university where I could spend four years of my life."

"Whether working with a woman of color, low income, or an LGBT individual like myself, the Newcomb summer program seems to urge women to build on their individuality, and channel the power their differences hold."



"As I experiment with the world of architecture, I hope to find out if it is what I like to do, and if I can visualize myself as an architect in the future."

"By interacting with individuals from around the globe that share my interest for architecture, I hope to become more cultured and aware of different perspectives."

"By attending this Tulane University Career Exploration program, it will provide me with the preparation I need to achieve my goal of becoming an architect after graduating college. I want to apply to Tulane University as my undergrad and/or graduate school due to the connections and the lessons I will learn while taking the core curriculum for architect classes and studios."




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