Recreational Activities

Out-of-class activities may include recreation time at Audubon Park, behind-the-scene tours of Audubon Zoo, movie night at the LBC, games and swimming at Reilly, expert dinners and presentations, a minor league baseball game, a steamboat ride, a canoe trip, paddle boarding, and a visit to the aquarium and insectarium, as well as some down time.

Students are supervised 24/7. In addition to our faculty members and instructors, who will be teaching the courses, we also have summer staff members and RAs, who will be supervising the participants in the outside activities as well as living with the students in the dorm.


A significant part of Tulane's Pre-College programs is experiencing living away from home on a college campus and sharing space with high school students from around the country and the globe.

Tulane’s residence halls offer a safe and secure experience with a wide variety of amenities for students, including common areas for studying or hanging out and vending machines for drinks and snacks. The students are housed in a single-point-of-entry dorm here on Tulane’s campus and assigned floors by age and gender. They also receive Tulane University ID cards, which provide them access to their dorms, meals, and campus activities.

Most students have a roommate, and resident advisors provide supervision and academic support, organize on-campus social activities, and host excursions off campus. In keeping with a true college experience, students are pre-assigned to a residence hall and roommate.


A meal plan is included with tuition. Tulane offers many dining options on campus, including the Bruff Commons Dining Room (“Bruff”), the Lavin-Bernick Center food court (LBC), and the Drawing Board Café. Residential students are provided with breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner.

Founded in 1834, Tulane University has the academic traditions and background in the scientific fields, humanities, and the arts to ensure the excellence of its programs. Dedicated staff and faculty, ties to the local community, and hands-on learning come together to provide a transformative educational experience for Pre-College students.

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