Tulane Pre-College inspires the future generation by providing students with access to college life, future careers, and community. Through introductions to academic disciplines and the Tulane experience, middle and high school students can imagine how they can tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our world. Exceptional students are craving the opportunity to grapple with real-world problems and innovative research, and Tulane Pre-College wants to foster opportunities to explore immersive, hands-on experiences that students can’t find in their current school systems.

Our classes and faculty will nurture curiosity, incubate ideas, and help students take their college applications to the next level. By helping young individuals question how they can make an impact on their world, we can help with our larger university mission to address problems of dramatic proportions to improve the human condition.

Founded in 1834, Tulane University has the academic traditions and background in the scientific fields, humanities, and the arts to ensure the excellence of its programs. Dedicated staff and faculty, ties to the local community, and hands-on learning come together to provide a transformative educational experience for pre-college students.

Tulane Advantage