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Newcomb-Tulane College
School of Architecture
A. B. Freeman School of Business
School of Law
School of Liberal Arts
School of Professional Advancement
School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
School of Science and Engineering
School of Social Work
Tulane Primate Center
Center for Public Service
Murphy Institute
Department of Athletics



Newcomb-Tulane College

Center for Global Education, Office of Study Abroad (CGE/OSA) – UG, Guests  

  • Copenhagen Summer Program: 4-weeks, $7000
  • Dublin: 4-weeks, $6000
  • Paris: 4-weeks, $6800

Teacher Preparation & Certification Program (TPCP) – UG, GR, Guests  

  • Teachers Preparation Italy Program in Ferrara, Italy: 4-weeks, $6800
  • ESL Summer Institute: take between 1-4 classes over 3 or 6 weeks to work towards a Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Two 2-weeks sessions, $571.50 per course or $2286 for all four courses

Summer School – UG, Guests

  • Two 5-week sessions, $1107 per credit hour for FT NTC students and visitors
  • Maymester, 2-week intensive, $850 per credit hour  
  • Concurrent enrollment for eligible high school students, $1107 per credit hour

Newcomb-College Institute

  • Newcomb Summer Session: Women’s Literature, high school, non-credit, $395 for one week
  • Kenya Summer Program: 2-week program to earn 3 credits and Service Learning volunteering at a summer camp in Kenya, $5500

Gordon Summer Fellowship – UG

  • $4000 grant to fund undergraduate research for one male and one female NTC UG

Center for Academic Equity – UG

  • NTC Summer Experience: 5-week program for CollegeTrack and Posse Scholars to help transition to Tulane; students take ENGL 1010 (4 credits) and Intro to College Math (non-credit)

Honors Program – UG

  • Summer Research Opportunities: 6-week research grant for NTC students in Honors Program



School of Architecture

Real Estate Summer Minor - UG 

  • 8-weeks, $10,000, tuition only, 5 courses, FT NTC students only

Undergraduate Accelerated Studio – UG

  • New program designed for students switching to Architecture, tuition TBD

Careers in Architecture – High School, Guests, UG

  • 3-weeks, 3-credits, $3000 tuition (optional housing $640), scholarships available

Graduate Courses, Field Work – GR

  • Masters of Architecture, Sustainable Real Estate, Preservation Architecture


A. B. Freeman School of Business

Business Summer Sessions – UG, Guests

  • Two 5-week summer sessions, $1107 per credit hour or $3321 for a 3-credit course

A la carte courses, open to any student with prerequisites

  • Starts earlier than Summer School

Business Minor Summer Institute (BMSI) – UG

  • 10-weeks, 22.5 credits, $16,000 includes housing and Reily ($711 per credit)

$1000 discount if no housing or already taken one course

  • Only NTC students can earn the minor

Summer Abroad Programs – UG, GR

  • Prague, Barcelona

Graduate courses, Internships – GR



School of Law


School of Liberal Arts

Environmental Studies Summer Program – UG, Guests

  • 4-weeks, 2 courses (6 credits), $4800 (tuition only); includes Service Learning
  • Students must take both courses at discounted tuition of $2400/course

Mandel-Palagye Program for Middle East Peace – UG (FT, NTC)

  • 5-weeks, Donor-funded, includes travel abroad and housing; competitive application

Contemporary Hollywood Film Industry – UG

  • 5-weeks, 2 courses (6 credits), $6500, includes travel and housing in LA

Language Revitalization: Case of Tunica – UG, Guests

  • 2-weeks, 4 credits (LING 3000), $2400 for tuition only

Summer Minor in U.S. Policy – UG, Guests

  • 4-weeks, $7200 for 3 courses; housing extra
  • Any student can take a la carte classes at discounted tuition of $2400/course but only NTC students can earn the minor

Shakespeare from Page to Performance – UG

  • 5-weeks, $4800, tuition only, 2 courses

Graduate Student Summer Merit Fellowship Awards – GR

  • $5000 Fellowship to support summer activities for grad students completing terminal degrees

Internships, Independent Study, Service Learning, Honors Thesis – UG

  • Graduate Research, Dissertation - GR 

School of Professional Advancement
Applications for Summer 2018 now open.

  • Two 6-week, one 12-week, and online summer sessions available
  • Undergraduate and Graduate courses available
  • Evening classes offered at the Uptown campus in New Orleans, the Elmwood campus in Jefferson Parish, and the MS Coast Campus in Biloxi, MS
  • Undergraduate tuition is $406 per credit hour, or $1,218 for a three-credit course
  • Master’s degree tuition is $1,863 for a three-credit course
  • $25 academic support services fee and a student activity fee of $12 per three-credit course or $48 maximum student activity fee for four or more courses


School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

Public Health Institute – UG, Guests

  • Four undergraduate public health courses offered in the Summer School sessions
  • A la carte classes, open to anyone, pricing set by SPHU

Emerging Scholars Environmental Health Science Academy – High School

  • 8-week program for public high school students; $2000 stipend upon completion

Summer Abroad Programs – GR, UG

  • Public Health Threats in Suriname: 7-weeks, $1200 per credit hour, Service option ($5848/$6015)
  • China: Dept Of Global Health Management And Policy, 3-weeks
  • Costa Rica: Health Equity Analysis Training Course 2017, GR/PR, $3500, 1 week
  • Public Health in Cuba: with Stone Center, 2-weeks, $900, GR only
  • ​Taiwan - GR: 2 weeks, GCHB, $3994 tuition (Travel/Lodg. Fee $900.00)
  • MHIRT program: Overseas Student Opportunities – GR/UG, stipend
  • Italy – GR: $2500.00, total with fees $3994.00
  • Cuba – GR: with Stone Ctr., $2000.00, fees $850.00

School of Science and Engineering

Summer Materials Research (SMART REU) – UG

  • Summer research opportunity for SSE majors, $5000 stipend plus housing

Tulane Science Scholars Program (TSSP) – High School

  • 2-week STEM program, for credit, $1500 per course ($2349 with housing)

Neuroscience Summer Research Program – UG

  • 9-week research program for NSCI majors nominated by faculty; stipend

Independent Study, Research Seminar, Dissertation – GR, UG


School of Social Work

Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy – GR

  • 2-week course held in Washington DC


Tulane Primate Center

Summer Veterinary Program – GR

  • 9-week Fellowship to expose Vet students to all aspects of veterinary medicine and research

Summer Research Fellowship Program – UG/GR

  • 9-week Fellowship to introduce students to biomedical research


Center for Public Service

Ecuador: Tropical Field Biology and Conservation – UG, Guests  

  • 2-weeks, $3300 (housing included), EBIO course with Service Learning

Engage in St. Martin – UG, Guests

  • 2-weeks, $3290 (inc. housing), ANTH course with Service Learning

India: Compassion in Action – UG, GR, Guests

  • 4-weeks, $3200 (inc. housing), in conjunction with School of Social Work, Service Learning internship Service Learning – UG
  • Full-time NTC students can complete Upper Service Learning requirement remotely

Stone Center for Latin American Studies – Summer Abroad

  • Summer in Cuba: Language, Culture, and Society
  • Cuban/Caribbean Institute, 4-weeks in Havana, $5900

Summer in Costa Rica: Service Learning, Politics, & Internships – UG, Guests

  • 6 weeks, one course with Service Learning internship, $5800 (inc. meals, housing, logistics)

Mayan Language Institute in Guatamala – GR, UG  

  • 6-weeks, 6 credits, $5,000 Tuition and Fees ($1,350 Housing & Logistics)

Summer in Brazil: Portuguese Language & Culture São Paulo  - GR, UG, Guests

  • 6 weeks, 2 courses, $7200 (includes tuition, housing & logistics)

Summer in Argentina: Cities & Culture of the Southern Cone – UG, Guests

  • 5-weeks, 6 credits, $6500 for tuition, housing, logistics


Murphy Institute

Judith Kelleher Schafer Summer Internship Grants – UG

  • Competitive grant available to NTC Political Economy majors engaged in research


Department of Athletics

  • AE 101 – transitional program for incoming freshmen athletes
  • Sports Camps – various high school enrichment camps
  • Business TIDES – special summer TIDES option for athletes; inc. service learning

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