Co-Curricular Activities

Students participate in extra-curricular activities

Residential Sessions

Whether you are interested in touring one of the most historic cities in North America, getting a behind-the-scenes look at a Mardi Gras parade, hiking in Jean Lafitte National Park, canoeing down Bayou St. John, or socializing with friends on the quad, our residential staff will ensure that your summer is not only academically enriching but also a lot of fun.


During the afternoon and evening, residential students have free time. They may devote this time to their coursework or participate in recreational and social activities around campus and in the residence hall.


Each weekend, we offer an assortment of on- and off-campus excursions led and accompanied by our pre-college staff. These include recreation time at Audubon Park, movie night at the LBC, games and swimming at Reily, laser tag, canoe trips, and visits to the aquarium and other local attractions. Recreational programming is developed and led by our pre-college program counselors who are current Tulane students.

Pre-college weekend and evening activities are only open to residential students at this time. The Tulane Science Scholars Programs offers study sessions and academic opportunities outside of class meeting times that are optional for commuter students enrolled in TSSP. Career Exploration in Architecture also has open studio hours from 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. on weekdays for both commuter and residential students.

Virtual Sessions

Tulane Pre-College offers online co-curricular programming to complement our academic courses. While students are simultaneously learning the subject matter in their courses, the co-curricular programming provides an experience centered in learning more about Tulane University, such as details of campus life, Tulane culture, and the values that our university lives by. Our asynchronous co-curricular workshops are designed and led by current Tulane undergraduates and recent alumni. Students can also sign up for co-curricular office hours for a chance to chat with current Tulane undergraduates. Engaging in co-curricular activities is optional but highly encouraged.