Newcomb Summer Session is a program designed to inspire students to end gender inequality in their generation. With more students joining the public conversation on women in society—from the “confidence gap” to the #MeToo Movement—Newcomb Summer Session empowers students to put feminist ideas into social action. Through discussion-based seminars, workshops, and collaborative projects, students learn strategies for taking on leadership roles in and beyond the classroom, finding a public voice, tackling real-world issues, and strengthening college applications.

Newcomb Summer Session is a selective Tulane Pre-College program in women’s leadership. Young men and women form a strong community centered on feminist issues and social change.

Program Highlights

Hands-on coursework

Learn from talented faculty in the heart of New Orleans

Explore potential careers

Flexible start and end dates—ideal for busy families

For More Information

For more information, visit Newcomb Summer Session or contact Molly Pulda, Administrative Assistant Professor of Women's Literature:

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