Tulane Science Scholars Program

TSSP is offered as a two-week program in both day and residential formats, and a different selection of STEM courses is scheduled for each week. In the mornings and afternoons, students will spend their days attending lectures and participating in labs instructed by esteemed Tulane faculty and graduate students. Between classes and coursework, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Eat in the dining commons
  • Attend lunch-and-learn sessions with industry professionals, faculty, students, and university administrators
  • Take tours of campus research facilities and experience the cutting-edge research being conducted at Tulane

For the students who opt to live on campus, TSSP offers safe, supervised activities both on and off campus on evenings and weekends.

Your Future Is Bright With Tulane Pre-College

If you have a strong interest in science, math, or related fields and have demonstrated academic proficiency in high school-level STEM courses, TSSP will provide you with the resources to explore your talents, broaden your knowledge base and skill set, and discover potential career options. We encourage you to apply early to secure a seat in the program of your choice.

You'll need the following items for your online application:

  • A personal essay
  • Your school transcript (official or unofficial)
  • Teacher recommendation

Limited tuition scholarships are available for Louisiana residents, and financial aid is awarded based on need. In order to be considered for our scholarship opportunities, you must submit your scholarship application by the financial aid application deadline. If you need assistance completing your application or have questions about scholarships, email summer@tulane.edu for more information.

Advancements in science, technology, and engineering continue to positively impact our society, and it's up to today's rising STEM stars to continue this work into the future. Apply for college-credit courses now and experience a summer of STEM with Tulane Science Scholars Program at Tulane Pre-College.

Summer 2020 Courses

Courses for Summer 2020 will be available before November 1, 2020. Each course is offered for three hours of Tulane credit which may be transferable to another university. More information can be found about each course and the daily schedule by clicking the Course Descriptions button below.

TSSP Course Descriptions

TSSP Testimonials

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