Summer STEM Program for Middle School Students

The Tulane Pre-College STEM program for middle school students brings together important scientific concepts, practical exploration, teamwork, and additional activities in a fun and educational way. It’s never too early to encourage development in math, computer science, robotics, engineering, environmental science, ecology, and other scientific fields.

The STEM activities developed by the Tulane faculty are ideal for younger learners who are interested in an array of scientific fields. The program is customizable, allowing parents to choose courses that are best tailored to the strengths and talents of their children.

Giving STEM education a try at an early age is the best way to determine whether one wants to pursue a career in the field. Innovation is possible at a very young age, and students are encouraged to explore different practical concepts. Lab work and partnerships with New Orleans entities demonstrate how science can be employed to address real-world problems. Small class sizes facilitates communication between students and their instructors.

What Makes Tulane's Pre-College Program Unique?

Tulane Pre-College believes that age is not a barrier to innovation. Our goal is to stimulate young minds to focus on possible solutions for real-world problems while acquiring knowledge and skills beneficial for their future study. Here are some of the highlights of the program:

  • Hands-on experience: All courses utilize project-based learning to demonstrate the practical and incredibly rewarding dimensions of science. In the biomedical engineering course, for example, students brainstorm, sketch, and design their own prosthetic hand featuring movable fingers using string, tape and straws.
  • Interactions with Tulane educators: Courses are deeloped with Tulane faculty members, and students learn from talented university instructors and professionals.
  • Strong ties to the New Orleans community: Tulane Pre-College participants will be immersed in the rich culture and the amazing diversity of the city. Field excursions to scientific facilities introduce participants to the science and innovation that abounds in New Orleans.
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Founded in 1834, Tulane University has the academic traditions and background in the scientific fields, humanities, and the arts to ensure the excellence of its programs. Dedicated staff and faculty, ties to the local community, and hands-on learning come together to provide a transformative educational experience for Pre-College students.

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