The Tulane Pre-College Courses in STEM for High School Students: An Overview

Tulane Pre-College offers a variety of high school-level enrichment courses structured around Next Generation Science Standards and designed for rising ninth- through 12th-graders. The academic enrichment courses were developed with Tulane faculty oversight and are taught by highly qualified instructors in STEM fields. Courses cover areas such as environmental science, computer science, robotics, electrical and biomedical engineering, and biology.

Participants complete lab work and team exercises aimed at building their analytical skills. Students with a strong interest or talent in a science, engineering and mathematics are ideal candidates for STEM experiences for high school students.

In addition, the summer courses for high school students offers both day and residential options. Many students are excited about the prospect of going off to college, and through this summer program, they will understand what it’s like living away from home and spending time on a university campus studying with their peers. The program improves communication skills and can potentially result in lifelong friendships with other students who share similar interests and passions.

The Advantages of Tulane Pre-College

A number of features sets the Tulane Pre-College courses apart and makes them an appealing choice for science-oriented students:

  • Numerous courses to choose from: Students can choose from a wide selection of course offerings. Some of the possibilities tailored to the needs of ninth- through 12th-graders include “Electrical Engineering—Powering Energy Grids of the Future,” “Climate Change,” “Introduction to Video Game Development and Python,” “Lego Mindstorms: Cleaning Up After Mardi Gras,” and “Biomedical Engineering—Protecting Against Traumatic Brain Injuries."
  • Well-established traditions in scientific disciplines: Tulane University is an active research facility that attracts over $20 million of sponsored research annually.
  • Hands-on experience: Lab work and projects help students understand the connection between scientific knowledge and community improvements.
  • Ties to the New Orleans community: Experiencing New Orleans is an important part of this summer program. Students immerse themselves in the culture and diversity of the city. They also find out why New Orleans is consiered to be a prominent tech and research hub.
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Founded in 1834, Tulane University has the academic traditions and background in the scientific fields, humanities, and the arts to ensure the excellence of its programs. Dedicated staff and faculty, ties to the local community, and hands-on learning come together to provide a transformative educational experience for Pre-College students.

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