From a shortage in STEM professionals to cultivating health care leaders of the future to informing the next generation of talented historians, Tulane University understands that the world is facing some big challenges. In order to inspire the next generation to tackle these complexities, we are offering exceptional students an opportunity to participate in a Tulane Summer Program. Here, young minds can explore academic disciplines to imagine a future where they can make an impact. The university’s pre-college summer programs, with both credit and enrichment options, have helped inspire thousands of students each year, giving them an opportunity to build their resumes and get a taste of college life within a safe environment.



The Tulane Summer Enrichment Institute in STEM is designed to inspire the future generation to pursue careers and academic disciplines within STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics)



Women's Leadership

Newcomb Summer Session is a selective program in women’s leadership. Our students form a strong community centered on feminist issues and social change.




Students will spend three weeks exploring the ideas, methods, and issues of architecture with Tulane professors and local architects. Lectures including studio time, digital workshops, field trips, discussions, and more.



Hands-on courses in numerous disciplines

Learn from talented professors and professionals

Opportunity to experience college life in a safe environment

Chance to acquire college credit and expand resumes

Flexible start and end dates—ideal for busy families

Diverse options for middle and high school students

Unique Characteristics of the Tulane Pre-College Programs

The pre-college residential experience was designed by the Tulane University academic staff to immerse students in the fields of humanities, STEM, and the arts. Various on-campus activities and multiple courses are included in the cost of the residence. Select courses are offered for three hours of transferable Tulane credit. Tracks are available for middle and high school students, where the curricula align with students’ academic levels. The learning environment at Tulane is unique, because it aims to accomplish the following:

  • Provide students with problem-based learning that addresses authentic 21st-century learning
  • Design, create, and test solutions for real-world problems
  • Foster interest in important fields such as the arts, sciences, and mathematics
  • Provide students with models of professionals—engineers, writers, photographers, and scientists—to model a future career
  • Showcase the ways researchers at Tulane are advancing technology and conservation efforts

Not only will students have access to an innovative learning environment, but they will also reside in New Orleans—a cultural and technological hub. Home to some of the most talented musicians, entrepreneurs, and artists, New Orleans is a prime location to inspire creativity and growth within any young adult.

What Makes Tulane Summer Courses Unique?

Why should parents and students interested in a pre-college experience opt for the summer course opportunity available at Tulane University? Several features set this academic program apart from other learning opportunities:

  • Unique courses: Every year, Tulane’s pre-college summer programs focus on an array of exciting coursework.
  • Hands-on experience: Whether students are interested in robotics or photography, Tulane University provides hands-on experience within the designated field. The students work directly with Tulane’s various schools, and they have an array of opportunities to partner up and feel as a part of the academic community during the completion of projects.
  • Lab and experimental training: The best pre-college programs focus on addressing real-world problems, and the Tulane University summer courses are no exception. In addition to receiving college credit, participants in the program will design practical solutions for the multiple challenges humankind faces today.
  • Experienced staff, diverse community: Tulane’s pre-college summer programs bring together talented students with exceptional potential. Courses are developed by the faculty to help nourish such talents and give students a better idea of building careers in their future field of choice.
  • On-campus activities: Being a university student is much more than just going to classes. This is why Tulane University’s summer program includes a residential component. The on-campus experience will give students a tangible idea about what being in college entails.
  • Safety: Safety is always a concern when a student travels away from his or her parents for the summer, but Tulane’s pre-college summer programs are designed to give students a glimpse of both college life and one of America’s best cities within a safe and supervised environment.

How to Apply

Each program has a different application process. Click apply now to see the specific application by program. For questions about a particular summer program, or if you have questions about course selection, admission criteria, or how to submit an application, please contact or call 504-314-7867.

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Founded in 1834, Tulane University has the academic traditions and background in the scientific fields, humanities, and the arts to ensure the excellence of its programs. Dedicated staff and faculty, ties to the local community, and hands-on learning come together to provide a transformative educational experience for pre-college students.

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